You Can Write A Novel In 30 Days!

November is National Novel Writing Month, and thousands of young writers across the globe are taking on the exciting challenge of writing a novel in a month! But they’re not doing it alone, they will be sharing their word-counts and receiving support and encouragement from an online community. The best part is that no experience is necessary! Anyone, regardless of age, can write a novel. 


NaNoWriMo will be open to all writers over the age of 13. However, if you’re 17 years or younger you may be more interested in their Young Writers Program (YWP) as way to connect with other young writers in a separate online community.

The word-count goal for NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words; however, the Young Writers Program (YWP) allows younger writers to set their own challenging word-count goals.

The actual writing for both groups, NaNoWriMo and YWP, starts on November 1st and will end on November 30th. Participants will have 30 days to reach their word-count goal. You don’t have to wait to get registered or to start planning your novel. In fact, an online community and optional prep-work is going on right now and will continue through October.


Not Sure How To Write a Novel?
No problem! The Young Writer’s Program has put together a  novel writing workbook for high schoolers that you can download for free. You can print out the pages, or type and save your ideas directly into the 90 page PDF workbook.

So the big question is: How excited are you to write a novel in 30 days? Join me by visiting NaNoWriMo or the Young Writers Program (YWP)  in order to get registered and familiarize yourself with the website. Then be ready to start writing on November 1, 2016.


Comments Prompt: Inspiration comes in many forms. Who or what has inspired you to write a novel in 30 days? Let us know in  the comments. 



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