OMG. The Website That Creates A Bibliography For You!

I didn’t give a speech at my graduation ceremony, but if I had I probably would have given a shout-out to Starbucks, Wikipedia, and NoodleTools Express. They all played a special role in my academic success, but NoodleTools Express saved me the misery that is creating a bibliography from scratch at 2 A.M.  before an essay or research paper was due. Oops!

Citing Sources With NoodleTools Express

NoodleTools is a research management platform utilized by universities across the country. However, NoodleTools Express is a FREE interactive tool, and it’s perfect for making individual citations that you can then copy and paste in a works cited page or bibliography. NoodleTools Express allows you to create citations in MLA, APA, or Chicago style citation. NoodleTools Express is super user friendly and even allows you to make annotations and parenthetical in-text citations as needed.

To Get Started:

1. Visit NoodleTools Express. This is a FREE resource. You don’t need to login or create an account.


2. Select the style of citation you want to create, MLA, APA, or Chicago. If you’re not sure which to use, check with your teacher and/or the assignment requirements. If you’re writing the paper at midnight and there is no time to check with your teacher,  MLA is generally used for essays that involve literary works such as novels, while APA is tailored towards research papers.


3. Then plug  ALL the information you can about the source into the NoodleTools Express template. It helps to have the book or website in front of you. Help bubbles will appear on the NoodleTools Express screen to guide you through. (If you still have questions about MLA or APA, The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers a FREE MLA Style Guide and APA Style Guide.


4. Hit submit and NoodleTools Express will basically format the citation for you. Copy and paste each entry in alphabetical order. Make sure to preserve the spacing, italics, indents, etc. when transferring the citation into your word document. Then enjoy a study break!



Comments Prompt: NoodleTools Express is a magical website and awesome essay and research paper hack. What are other ways you might save time or reduce stress when writing assignments for class?

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