Summer Vacation Guide For Introverts

It’s getting to be that part of summer vacation where the days are starting to blur together. Family, friends, even summer school may not be as motivating as they were back in June, and many summer activities unnecessarily stress socializing with large groups in busy environments. Many old souls who are also introverts find it difficult to cultivate fun summer activities and experiences that also respect their appreciation for alone time. If your schedule is beginning to resemble “Netflix, Sleep, Rinse and Repeat,” try out some of these ideas in The Old Soul Project’s Summer Vacation Guide For Introverts.

Summer Vacation Guide For Introverts


1. Check out the Los Angeles Public Library 2016 Teen Summer Reading Club Booklist .

2. Complete The Old Soul Project’s 30 day Photo Challenge.

3. Read up on “How to Make Heats (Beginner’s Guide)” at .

How to Make Beats ( Beginners Guide )

4. Learn game design and coding online.
Register at to enroll in online classes designed for 10-18 year olds. Their FREE membership grants students access to 6 free courses and 7 free hours of code courses. (Upgrade membership for additional classes on Minecraft, 3D first-person shooter, and 2D old school side-scrollers games).

5. Check with your local coffee shop to see if they offer open-mic night for poets/musicians.
You can sign up to participate or just watch and enjoy the show. Read “Open Mic 101: How to Overcome Stage Fright & More” written by Suzy S. and available on

6. Download “Daily Yoga: Workouts, Meditation, and Fitness” app for FREE and get metaphysically fit.
App includes yoga instruction videos, meditations, chill music, a log to chart your progress, and a growing community. Daily Yoga App is available for both iOS and Android systems.

7.  Peep this list of FREE museum days in major cities. provides an index list for museums in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle area. Check your local museum to see if they offer student discounts and/or free days.

8. Write your autobiography.
Use‘s Autobiography Format and questions to help get you started.

9. Enroll in “The Thing About Love,” a FREE online class provided by Melody Ross.
Then explore hundreds of other classes offered at Brave Girl University when you sign up for their paid monthly membership.

Introduction by Brock Ross

10. Engage in some solo sports that don’t require a team.
Some examples include parkour, skateboarding, gymnastics, rock-climbing, weight-lifting, fishing, surfing, cycling, bmx riding, rollerskating, running, jogging, walking, racquetball, and table-tennis, diving, swimming, horse riding, bowling, golf, and frisbee golf.

What many people fail to realize about introverts, is that many are not shy, enjoy socializing with others, and make friends easily. However, too much time spent in loud, busy, and/or crowded environments can leave an introvert feeling over stimulated and drained. That is why introverts like to retreat to their own space in order to recharge. This summer guide is a way for any old soul to recharge when school is not in session.

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