The Reality TV Show That Prepares Grads For Job Interviews

Interview prep often includes researching brands and companies, putting together the perfect outfit, and practicing mock-interview questions in the mirror or with your favorite stuffed animal. Interview prep can be a drag and nerve wracking, but this reality television show prepares recent high school and college graduates for job interviews in a way that is fun.

Job or No Job,” is a reality television show that first aired on ABC Family/Freeform and is now available for streaming online. Each of the ten episodes follows a recent high school or college graduate preparing to leave home and enter the work force for the first time. With the help of their own job-hunting guru and mentor, Jane Buckingham, the young adults learn valuable lessons during the interview process. They must quickly master how to market themselves and put their best foot forward during three separate interviews in a sink or swim environment. Some of the most valuable lessons come after the interview is over, and they must either accept rejection like a champ or begin planning their next step which often requires relocating. This show is great because it gives the viewer so much to think about in terms of their own career path and offers valuable interview prep that’s actually really entertaining.

Although the decision to renew “Job or No Job” for second season has yet to be determine, it is available on ABC Family/Freeform website, and on Hulu. I sincerely hope more viewers start realizing how great this show is and start showing their support by tuning in. Aside from offering valuable information about the interview process, the participants, in  their most candid moments, reflect on their own personal struggles and journey. Many of them are faced with the challenge of how to get a job with little to no experience, a challenge that the majority of high school and college graduates can relate to.

One former participant, Christy Gutierrez, reflects on her experience and provides an update after the cameras stopped rolling in this blog posted by her company at her new job. Check it out!

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