How To Make a Vision Board Senior Year (That Actually Works)!

A vision board, also known as a dream board, an abundance board, treasure/vision map, or an action board, is a collage of images, text, and symbols that represents goals and aspirations. It differs from a bucket list, which is primarily a check-list of experiences one hopes to accomplish before death. Instead, an effective vision board focuses on specific academic goals, career paths, and individual development/enlightenment. A fruitful vision board incorporates actual steps and methods of action in order to cultivate positivity, prosperity, and success. Instead of just wishing for good things to happen, a vision board guides you back to your natural old soul opulence when fear and doubt threaten to derail you from your path into adulthood.

Vision boards are diverse and inexpensive. Many vision boards incorporate digital aspects and thus are portable and revised on the go.  Follow these guidelines to make a vision board for your senior year (that actually works)! Share your ideas in the comment section below.

How To Make a Vision Board Senior Year

(That Actually Works)!


Resources for FREE digital vision boards
1. Hay House Vision Board app (Available for iPhone & Android).
2. Then make a public or secret pin board dedicated to #SeniorYear.
3. Try other free photo collage making apps.

What to look for:
Look for things that inspire you, capture the mood, and/or symbolize your goals. A song lyric about traveling to a place you’d like to go to college, a fabric sample of the dress you’d like to sew, a photograph of a someone giving a speech or holding trophy are all examples of how and images can communicate your ideas and visions.

Where to find images and text:
Cell phone pics
Old magazines & newspapers
Excerpts from personal journals/sketchbooks
Digital Images: Basic image search/ Instagram / Clip-art

*Either make photo-copies or take screen grabs/captures of items that you’re not able to cut up, glue down, pin, or re-post.

Putting it all together:
If you’re using an app or digital pin board, you’ll want to follow their tutorials. Otherwise don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with some basic school supplies such as a glue-stick, construction paper, and colored pens. A physical cork board and push-pins also work and is easy to change out.

Making it actually work:
Combine your vision with your actions. Study the images and text on your vision board regularly, making adjustments where you see fit. Visualize yourself achieving your goals and practice telling yourself why it is possible and how you intended to achieve it on those occasions when you feel discouraged. Take active steps towards achieving your goals. Chart your progress and mini milestones by adding additional images and text that serve as reminders of how far you’ve come.


Comments Prompt:  What visions do you have for your senior year? What steps do you plan on taking in order to reach those goals? 

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