Have you ever been told or feel as though you have an old soul ?

Well, there’s probably a reason, so here’s a blog…

Mission Statement:
The mission of the oldsoulproject.com is to offer FREE resources, guidance, entertainment, and inspiration to those transitioning into adulthood. We offer original articles and an online community, so that young people with old souls may better achieve their own academic, career, and/or life goals.

Our Core Values:
We celebrate cultural diversity, reinforce empathy, encourage balance, awaken creativity, honor individuality, and craft original content with consideration for the old soul.

Our Story:
“The Old Soul Project” (TOSP) is an idea that came to me in a dream and was brought to life. I wanted to create a website/blog that I always wanted while growing up but never had. Something that could be used as a resource, as a source of entertainment, and used to create a community for like-minded individuals transitioning into adulthood. Most of the content has been created for those who are 18+ and  “technically” adults, but are still trying to figure out what that even means. We will be posting on topics that cover the various paths we take in life including education, career, personal relationships, and mental/physical health.  We will also cover topics that feed the soul including art, science, culture, and personal style. TheOldSoulProject.com is a collective of ideas and individuals. Some of the views and individuals may be controversial and do not necessarily reflect the views of TheOldSoulProject.com as a whole. We encourage our readers to utilize what is useful to them, leave behind what is not, and be respectful of the paths of others.

About Our Founder:
Hi! My name Francesca. I am the founder and main curator of content. I am a graduate from Western Michigan University and I am “proud to be a bronco!” I have bachelor’s degree in TV, Film, & Video Studies with a minor in Race & Ethnic Relations. I have a passion for thrift-stores, reality television, and blogging. I was once told that, “your dream job does not exist, you must create it.” So that’s what I’m doing. I have a wonderful vision for this website/blog and I hope you stick around to see it come to fruition.

Yeah, but what’s up with that word soul?:
1. TheOldSoulProject.com is not affiliated with any particular faith, culture, or religion. If you find yourself struggling with the term “old soul” because it is objectionable to personal beliefs and convictions about souls, then we suggest replacing it with the term “conscious youth” or “young philosopher.” It’s not a perfect match but maybe it helps to describe the phenomena and who we are talking about when talk about old souls. To learn more, please check out “What is An old Soul?