5 Online Jobs For Teens

My first job was folding clothes in a funky thrift store for six dollars an hour. This may not sound like much in terms of prestige or pay, but it was a happy time for me and the single most advantageous step I could have taken towards transitioning into adulthood after high school. My employee discount saved me a lot on clothing, and the ability to work around my schedule at a local community college made it the perfect job for a teenager. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about becoming independent from your parents, earning extra income, and gaining valuable work experience for a résumé or college.

 5 Online Jobs For Teens

Disclaimer: I have not operated as a seller with any of these businesses or platforms, so I can’t offer a personal testimonial. Read the full terms and conditions as well as reviews of each company with a parent and/or guardian in order to determine if any of these jobs sound right for you.


Become an Online Language Tutor
If you’re 18 years old, fluent in multiple languages, and have reliable computer and internet connection, you can apply to become an online tutor for italki.com. If your application is approved, you will be able to set your own price and schedule so that you may begin teaching students from all over the world via video chat and discussions. Review the italki website for a breakdown of their commission fee and payments.

Design Cell Phone Covers
Artists, graphic designers, and photographers are able to start selling their designs on zazzle.com at 13 years old. Just register an account and upload your original designs, and the team at Zazzle will prepare, ship, and manage the rest. Your designs can be printed on a variety of cool items such as cell phone cases, t-shirts, mugs, and even temporary tattoos. Review Zazzle’s royalty rates in order to determine how much profit you will actually take home when an item is sold.

Sell Hand-Made Crafts
One of the most well-known websites for selling crafts and handmade goods is etsy.com. Those under 18 are able to sell on Etsy as long a parent or legal guardian manages the account for them. Check out Etsy’s FAQ for more information on pricing. Otherwise, an easy and inexpensive craft to help you get started is Perler bead art. Perler beads are those tiny plastic beads that when placed on a pegboard will adhere together with ordinary iron heat. Check out Perler.com and/or download the Perler app that allows users to draft out designs for free.

Make Money Selling Stock-Photography
Businesses are constantly looking for new images to use on their websites and in their marketing. If you’re skilled enough, have access to the right equipment, and are at least 13 years old, you may be able to start selling your digital photography with companies like twenty20.com .To get started just download their free app, register an account, review important information about pricing and model releases, and then upload images to a gallery (and hopefully start selling photos) straight from you cell phone. There are also photo contests that offer prizes.

Sell Customizable Messages
Freelancers and artists use fiverr.com to sell various goods and services starting at just $5.00. Customizable messages accompanied by a high quality photo are a big hit and easy to produce. Some of the most creative offers that I’ve seen are customizable messages written in sand at the beach, across a frosted cake, spelled out in legos, or written in the snow. The Fiverr is offered and available to users who are 13 years of age or older. Visit the Fiverr website to learn and about  pricing and gigs.

Having a job as a teenager not only taught me the value of the dollar, but it was also a lesson in recognizing my own value and self-worth. As you begin to experience the fruits of your own labor and independence, you will also acquire life skills for problem solving, communicating effectively, organizing and budget planning. These are tools that will help you throughout your adult life, so it’s a bonus to get paid while you learn them.

They say you’ll always remember your first kiss and your first job. Do you think this is true? Share you favorite memory from your first job or describe what your dream job would entail in the comments below.

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