21st Birthday Plans (That Don’t Involve Alcohol)

There is more than one way to celebrate a twenty-first birthday. It’s not a matter of which way is better or worse, but rather which one is right for you. It’s not a requirement to drink to enjoy your 21st any more than it is a requirement to get a car to enjoy your 16th. At the end of the day it really just depends on your finances and/or your lifestyle.

Here is a list of 10 birthday plans to help make the day special
when alcohol isn’t necessarily on the menu:

1. Time Capsule. Fill a box with mementos and trinkets that best describe you and your experiences at 21 years of age. Fill it with poetry, secrets, music, and even Seal the box and make a vow to not open it until your next birthday, on your 25th, or on your 30th.

2. Dessert Hop. I just made this up and have been wanting to do it for awhile, so I’d be really excited if someone actually put this idea to the test. Instead of a “bar-hop,” make plans with your friends to hop to different restaurants and order a single item off the dessert menu and extra spoons. You can celebrate your 21st by getting “chocolate-wasted!”

3. Flashback Friday. Recreate childhood photos with your friends/family. Prep those involved on which photos are going to recreated so everyone has time to gather the necessary clothing/props. Then do your best to recreate the image. The more details the better.

4. Spa-day. Go all out and “treat yo self” to services and/or products you always wanted to try. Another option is to collect a few of the items for an do it yourself version at home.

5. YouTube. Get dressed up and put on your favorite tunes. Direct, lip-synch, and choreograph a music video. Edit the footage using free software available for Mac or PC and upload it. Who knows, maybe you’ll go viral! (*MovieMaker software is for PC. iMovie is for Mac).

6. High Score Wins! Host a video game competition amongst your friends. It can physically interactive game on the Wii, an organized strategy game, or simply shoot for the best score. If you want you can raffle off a gift card or prize to the winner(s).

7. Get active. Try something exhilarating like indoor rock climbing, surfing, swimming, tag-football, soccer, golf, frisbee-golf, volleyball, laser-tag, paint ball, or cosmic bowling. Decorate t-shirts or adorn matching uniforms to jazz it up a bit.

8. The Great Outdoors: Get outside and into the fresh air. It can a morning, noon, or night time event. It can be all day or just few hours. Try this if you enjoy camping, hiking, BBQs, pool parties, picnics, outdoor concerts, theme parks, or evening bike rides with friends.

9. Take a group art class. Many metropolitan cities offer drawing workshops. They are often open to all skill levels but may require a material fee or registration. Participants usually pull up a stool and sketch either live model or still life objects. However, you can set up the same experience for your friends in you’re living room and giggle at your skills.

10. Eighteen and up events. Some cities offer lounges that only require patrons to be eighteen and up. Guests enjoy them because they still feel like a club/bar and often serve food and play music but don’t serve alcohol.  It’s also possible that getting a tattoo would interest you on your 18 birthday, but waiting till you’re 21 gives you more time to plan your design and save up for a quality tattoo.

Comments Prompt: Which birthday memories have been the most meaningful to you?

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